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 Las Vegas NV, 89146

 (702) 682-7523  

   GAITF Mission Statement

To offer amateur Taekwondo sports programs through a volunteer base, providing the opportunity for people of every age group and walk of life to broaden their physical, mental, moral and spiritual development as amateur Taekwondo athletes and to build social responsibility and good citizenship through the Taekwondo ideals of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit.

  GAITF Vision Statement

To offer amateur Taekwondo athletes and volunteer officials opportunities to develop to their highest level through a program of sponsored local, regional, national and international competitions, support of athlete development and sports training programs and standardization of training and certification for officials, coaches and competition support volunteers.

  GAITF Organizational Orientation

As an organization the GAITF is whole-heartedly Athlete First in its orientation.

The leadership and core membership are united in sharing founder Master George Tapia’s vision of an amateur sports organization that puts the best interest of the athlete to the forefront as a matter of actual practice, as a Core Value of the institution, rather than a seldom implemented “lip-service” policy.

  GAITF Athlete Development Program

The goal of the GAITF Athlete Support Program is to identify amateur Taekwondo athletes who consistently demonstrate the ability, the will and the commitment to become national and world class athletes, then to encourage and support the development of those athletes to the best of it’s ability. One of the tools used is the GAITF Tournament Point System which ranks member Black Belt Athletes according to their performance in sparring competition at Events recognized by the GAITF Athlete Evaluation Committee.

  GAITF Athlete Support Program

The goal of the GAITF Athlete Support Program is to provide financial assistance to as many ADP ranked Black Belt Athletes as possible in the form of subsidies to cover the athlete’s costs of attendance and participation in State, Regional, National and International competitions. The subsidy may be used to cover travel, lodging and meal expenses or entry fees. To this end, 20% of all Entry Fees collected at GAITF Events are deposited in the GAITF Athlete Support Fund reserved exclusively for this purpose.

  GAITF Membership

While fostering increased participation in the sport of Taekwondo remains a primary goal of the GAITF, membership 

and participation in all of the programs of the GAITF is open to every practitioner or supporter of Taekwondo without regard to age, sex, race, creed, religion, or national origin.

Love for and a desire to practice Taekwondo is the only requirements for Individual Membership.

  Benefits of GAITF Membership

Individual Members of the GAITF are eligible for the following benefits;

Black Belt Athletes participate in GAITF Point Ranking System to determining eligibility for GAITF financial assistance awards for travel to and competition at state, regional, national or international events.


  1. Qualified Athletes are eligible to participate in reduced cost GAITF Kukkiwon testing and certification program.

  2. Qualified Athletes may be eligible for reduced fees or tuition assistance to the extent funds is available.

  3. Members Clubs of the GAITF are eligible for the following benefits;

  4.  Member Clubs participate in the GAITF Club Rebate Program, which rebates to the club a portion of the Entry Fee paid by the club’s athletes who compete in any GAITF event. The maximum rebate is 20% of the Club’s athlete’s Entry Fee.

  5. Member Clubs are eligible for GAITF Tournament assistance for hosted GAITF events.

  6. This assistance may include;

  7. GAITF advance cover of the operating costs of the event to be reimbursed to the GAITF at the conclusion of the event;

  8. operational consulting by GAITF Event Operations advisors;

  9. on-site operating assistance by the GAITF Event Operations staff;

  10. And /or all of the above. GAITF expert Event Operations Team can provide as much or as little assistance as the hosting club requires.


11. Member Clubs have the option of adopting the GAITF Curriculum which standardizes training to 

Kukkiwon standards and maximizes the opportunity for students to successfully test for Kukkiwon certification.


12. Member Clubs are eligible to test and promote their students through the GAITF Kukkiwon Testing and Certification Program.


13. Clubs Members and athletes will qualify for out of country events G1 or G2. Base on annually financial.


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